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76 years after the first Grand Prix Inter Artists of mini motorbikes which took place in Geneva, (Floating Bowl 03), Floating Land, a micro sovereign nation, was transformed into a police-controlled state, under the body of an amateur police force, ready to abuse of their power to obtain some personal satisfactions. Floating Land is peaceful, out of this world, but we can feel that all can rock. The circuit which circumvents the exhibition is deserted, the motorbikes are there and the police keeps a discreet eye on the small racing cars. All the ingredients are joined together for an extreme raid around the crowd thirsty of blood and heroes and we know that all the blows are allowed in order to win the trophy of the mythical race. Kamikaze 1989 The title of the exhibition is inspired by Kamikaze 1989, a German B-movie with Fassbinder in the lead role. He plays an incorruptible police officer in a leopard skin suit and matching Mercedes, who fights tirelessly against the entertainment which is alienating the population via cable TV. His heavy fisted and unconventional methods make him an archetypal figure of the lone and misunderstood anti-hero. Floating Land Each new exhibition allows Sophie Dejode and Bertrand Lacombe to further develop the construction of Floating Land, a self-run artist residency and utopia for contemporary creation. Following several foundation events, this exhibition will form one of the first completed phases of the project.