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Relational Aesthetics,
Snide Side Up Richard Leydier Art Press 293-2003

For Sophie Dejode & Bertrand Lacombe, each new exhibition is an occasionto push the “Floating Land” project a little farther out. Floating Land is an independent and fictitious nation located on an artificial island. After the Musée d’Art Contemporain in Lyon (winter 2002) and La Chaufferie in Strasbourg (January 2003), the work of these two surprising artists is now at Attitudes in Geneva (August 29-October 25), just before their presentation at the Lyon Biennale. But the most outstanding event will undoubtedly be signaled by the starter’s pistol for the Floating Bowl, the highly anticipated mini-motorcycle race Dejode & Lacombe are organizing in Geneva in September. (For more information, visit