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I can’t really tell where the 4th Series finds its origin.

But the Hybrids are really an Outlet, and maybe the most interesting, in the sense that they already draw the lines for my future involvement in the medium, no more naive collections, and convenient boxes.

A child at some point knows where the letters of his alphabet place themselves.

The Hybrids, instead, push forward the emancipation of bridges between Plateaux and integrate the different elements as part of a more logical construction of the artist’s views on the world and how to deliver these to you, immaculate perverse spectators.

Born from the unrestricted envy for Jokes and lighten the instant with Fresh Laughs,
or underlining a depressive, boring and doubtful moment (like in “Allez-Y!”) or the impulse to communicate with a person through the explicit function of a drawing, an idea, a theme, a master plan.

The Hybrids, takes from the freaks, from the silhouettes, the portraits, the texts, the tattoos to reveal their unique ability to gather and combine the different qualities encountered in each series,

which express the desire of the artist to manifest his personal choices concerning the elaboration of a language specific to his work and build according to it.

To summarize and push the metaphor, let’s just consider them like a Shock Unit, Specials Ops or Commandos.